Ground is an open source, map-first data collection platform that enables users to collect, map, and share data. Built from the ground up to support mobile data collection, Ground syncs data seamlessly over internet connections that are only occasionally available. The Ground team, made up of volunteers at Google and contributors from the open source community, aspires to empower local communities, researchers, NGOs, and other interest groups to collect data that matters.

Note: Ground is not an officially supported Google product, and is developed on a best-effort basis. If you would like to contribute to Ground development, see the Contribute section. If you have questions or ideas about Ground that you’d like to share, post them to the ground-discuss discussion group.


Use Cases

It’s the Ground team’s mission to make Ground adaptable to a broad range of humanitarian, data-intensive, and geospatial use cases, such as:

Get Involved

Ground is open source and relies on contributions from the open source community to sustain its development. The sections below describe ways you can help Ground become the go-to tool for high impact geospatial data collection projects around the world.


If you’d like to contribute to the development of Ground source code, check out one of the currently maintained Ground source repositories.

Important: Be sure to read each repository’s before contributing! The file contains important guidelines for contributors to the Ground project.

Join the Discussion

Join official Ground discussion groups to get updates on new features, get in touch with other Ground users, and add your voice to the conversation: